Awareness is insanity

I was once told that I write like a first-grader. This is because I write in a concise and active voice. Through my previous expereince, I have learned that it is not preferred by me to fill my sentences with fluff and non-sense such as the sentence you just read. Instead of this. Brevity is my style. My writing moves forward. I don’t like to back into my words. My writing style parallels my personality too. Short. And honest.

I went to the CMA conference in Louisville, KY last fall. One of the sessions was about brevity and how to achieve it. A friend and I sat through the entire two hours session completely engulfed. It was amazing. Nothing, I hadn’t heard before but it was inspiring.

I recently found a link that suggested tips. If nothing else, now when you write you’ll at least hink about things like eliminating “that.”


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