Five beautiful truths

Thank you Edelman Digital for an awesome post! I could make each of these five tips a post on its own, but I won’t; that’d be weird. I’ll just chat about each of them in this one. Oh, but I suggest reading the Edelman post first, otherwise mine may be confusing…

1. “A man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them.” -Mark Twain

I completely agree. Where else would I have gotten the info for this link?

It mainly talks about digital writing but I think it applies to writing and communicating in general.

If you want to write about horses, you’ve got to know what other people are writing about horses, not only to be original but to understand the competition and also the audience.

If you want to talk politics with someone, you better be reading the daily news and know what’s going on.

If you walk into a job interview, you better have spent hours on the company website and creeped all over LinkedIn and asked everyone you know about the company and the people who work there.

2. Twitter is a casual way to engage with people you admire.

While I haven’t quite gotten the guts to talk with @MarkRaganCEO, I retweet basically all of his links. You should definitely consider following him. He posts really insightful advice, silly errors and everything in between.

You should also follow @prtini too. She is a genius.

3. I’m not quite sure I’ve found my niche yet, but I’m working on it. Hence the exploratory blog. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I plan to just write about the things I see, preferably relevant to communication.

4. While I hope to own a smart phone soon (keep in mind the poor college kid I still am for a few more months), some of us don’t have access to the internet and e-mail 24/7. I still have a hard copy of my AP Stylebook, dictionary and thesaurus. Oh, the luxuries of a young professional. I can’t wait!

5. This one is so true. If I need to write something, be it a blog post or a 30-page paper, I CANNOT check my e-mail. Because if I check my e-mail, which is always filled to the brim (there is definitely¬†a brim; it keeps yelling at me that I won’t be able to send e-mails soon if I don’t delete some), I’ll follow the links and then get on Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn and WordPress and PRSA and the million other places built to distract me.


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