Pomp and Inspiration: Jansing to speak at OU commencement

Tonight, along with a small group of my fellow communication majors, I met an inspiring woman. Chris Jansing is an Otterbein College graduate of 1978, an anchor and correspondent for MSNBC, but most of all a person, striving to humanize the news in a world of technology, natural disasters and war.

Getting to listen to this year’s commencement speaker the night before graduation, was absolutely worth waiting three extra hours because her plane from New York was delayed.

Jansing was interviewed by a good friend of mine, Jayme Detweiler for the WOCC TV-3 news. Then, the 15 of us in attendance were offered the opportunity to ask Jansing questions about her job, life and advice for aspiring journalists.

Some of Jansings proudest and most emotional moments were while she was reporting after the 2001 attack on the World Trade Center. As Jansing recalled a couple personal stories from the weeks following 9/11, you could see the emotion in her face change. She went from energized and encouraging to disheartened and grim. Listening to Jansing share stories of sources she interviewed for the story, we knew they were more to her than sources; they were humans.

If I were to go into journalism at some point in my life, I know I would do the same. Although I can never see myself doing what strong women like Jansing do, I know that bringing a personal and human aspect to my stories would be at the top of my priorities.

Regardless, chatting with Jansing was inspiring and energizing. Even though I work in advertising, I can’t wait to go to work Monday morning!

Thank you, Chris!

Coming soon: View the interview with Jansing and Detweiler.


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  1. Thanks to you and Andrew for sticking around! She was great I thought. Thanks again, Dan

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